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Raro Connection Becomes Babylon Distributor in Brazil

Babylon Certified Distributor

Babylon Certified Distributor

As of the beginning of 2012, Raro Connection became an authorized distributor of Babylon in Brazil.

Babylon, Ltd, the company behind the popular Babylon 9, is world recognized as a trusted brand in the online language and translation industry.

“Babylon has partnered with us”, says Ronen Amit, Raro Connection’s CEO, “in order to expand their business in Brazil”. Raro Connection experience and knowledge in the Brazilian market has been a key to its expansion in recent years.

Social Initiatives

We are planning in getting involved not only in business initiatives, but also in social initiative.

Our involvement in the security business in Brazil, has taught us that private initiative is necessary in order to achieve what the government does not want or unable to solve.

We plan to open a non-profit which will take care for such initiative.

Action Plan

In a meeting with the officials in the Secretary of Security in Brasilia, our representative, Mr. Ronen Amit has presented an action plan for the development and upgrading of the security infrastructure.

The action plan was developed in conjunction with Israeli security specialists and it is planned, according to the Brazilian officials, to be executed later on this year.

Security Training Academy

Raro Connection, in partnership with Brazilians and Israeli businessmen has joined forces with retired Brazilian police officers to to open a special security training academy near Brasilia.

The training center will combine Brazilian and Israeli knowledge with the aim to create a high level training courses to govermenet agencies as well as private companies.

Stay tuned for more information.

New Offices in Brazil

We are happy to announce the opening of our new offices in Brazil.

Mr. Ronen Amit will head our efforts to establish a positive and long lasting presence in Brazil. Our offices will be situated in Brasilia, at the heart of the Brazilian capital.

Ronen, an Israeli businessman, experienced in marketing and business development in Israel, USA and Brazil, will be focusing primarily on the security market which is expected to grow significantly in the next few year.

The objectives of our new offices is to serve the growing interest, from our US and Israeli customers in this fast growing market.